Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Painted this mug for daddy from awhile back...
Felt this urge to blog, Since I got something out from the movie "Click" and would gladly share if with...myself. (:

A moment to reflect,
Unfortunately daddy was too packed up with "work" and was again.. in the midst of an oh-so-very important conversation..
sort of reminds you of Adam Sandler's role in the movie, constantly packed up with work,work,work.. before he knows it, 4 months, then a year,then a decade,flying by in a glimpse of an eye, yet all he really needed was.. the company of his family.
daddy knows that. I'm sure he does.
He understands the importance of a family, the strong bond it holds.. us as a whole.
But with the financial issues he's facing, the burden upon his shoulders, I personally wouldn't blame anyone for his lack of visits to Melbourne,

by the end of the day,the family is a heaven in a heartless world

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