Friday, September 26, 2008

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I throughly enjoyed the film! Although a couple of bad reviews were brought up amongst a couple of friends of mine.This movie is definately the most well-thought through, both visually and emotionally. and has succeeded in sending the message across without using much words, thumbs up!
Both Walt-disney and Pixar have never failed to live up to my expectations... always a moral value behind each film, a lesson learnt as the movie progresses...
But Wall-e has gone a step further than any other animated films created...
Definately One of the more innovative, inspiring films I'll ever come across..
With pretty much everything imaginable brought to life. eg Marlin swimming across the ocean in search of his son Nemo , monsters in closet frightened by children, the ambition and dreams of a rat coming to life, and now Wall-E, a glimpse of our future being a dump, overly-dependent towards modern-technology, blinding our eyes from nature. I believe this issue is and will be a dilemma for all. It's just a matter of time when a robot comes to the rescue!

A beautiful film, enough said

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