Thursday, September 25, 2008

So the topic of HairStyles was brought up on msn with a friend of mine.
I've gotta admit, it's been a year since I went to the hairdresser.. only because I find it needless when my hair's perfectly fine the way it is. No style, No volume, No "omph" whatsoever.
Since asians are naturally born with jet black hair, we're well known to be "emo"

Though I've always had the desire of getting my hair done, the fear of turning out like Ronald Mcdonald's haunts me every now and then. How come?

  • That it's irreversible
  • That I won't be able to find a hairstyle look that I like
  • That I may not like it after it's done
  • That my partner/family/friends may not approve of it after it's done
  • That it may ruin my hair

Grrrr.. frustrated to be girls.
So I thought I'd better look it up for safety reasons, surprisingly found myself completely captivated by this website. One photo, 8,000 hairstyles. Just a click away from your ideal hairstyle.. Doesn't that sound tempting?
Quickly ran upstairs and took a photo of myself...

and ran back down..

Only to find myself completely let down by...

You are paying for a 3 months membership at a total price of: AU$ 17.95.Membership does not renew automatically!As soon as you are registered, you will be able to upload your photo (unlimited photo uploads) or use a THS modelof your choice to view over 8000 hairstyles and 53 colors. Upon completion of registration, you will receive Instant Membership and have access to the Photo Upload utility.No waiting, no worries!

Damn, should've read carefully before getting all excited! clickity click*

Then again, It's not all bad... :) through this website, it enables you to match your ideal hairstyle according to the size of your face, or alter your perspectives on a certain hairstyle by showing different images of hairstyles giving you more choices the next time you head to a salon!






When I last checked, reading's for free!

Shorts the new "sexy"

and curly/wavy hair I'll forever long for...

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