Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh, they do look delicious.
Yes, but wait 'till you taste one, dearie. Like to try one? Go on. Go on, have a bite.
I'll share a secret with you
It's a magic wishing apple.
A wishing apple?
One bite, and all your dreams will come true.
Snow White

Deceived by one's beauty, idiot fools we are, falling over heels for guys...
Doesn't anyone get the fact that, momentary happiness won't last?

My 2 cents worth, a penny for your thoughts.

Had my mock interview today, to whom who does not know the meaning of mock interview. It's basically a practice job interview. It's an awesome opportunity to practice one's interviewing skills and raising your confidence! Went pretty smoothly, thus I'd rather not elaborate too much right now.. Noone wants to read how awesome it went; Since society today.. filled with scandals, corruption, hardly anyone would cares about the beautiful happenings in life, why is that?
All year 10s dressed up for their desired jobs, (yay dress up!) As for me, my ideal job was supposedly a casual position at Diva. Unfortunately, Mr. Kynoch listed designing instead. Decided to go with the flow, and ended up pretty alright. *smiles all around*
Though I've had a couple of job interviews previously, with someone to guide your way through, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses during the interview process. No doubt I've taken in some really useful advice...

Why not mention how you're not born in Australia, & the fact that you haven't settled in for long.. yet all the achievements you've achieved. Proves that you have the ability to cope with your surroundings within a short period of time. & your determined and passionate about the things you love to do..

Strong point, why didn't I thought of that? :)
Went around applying for jobs after, at Optus and a couple of fastfood stores.

Want to know a secret?
Promise not to tell?
We are standing by a wishing well
Make a wish into the well
that's all you have to do
And if you hear it echoing
Your wish will soon come true.
Snow White

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