Saturday, September 20, 2008


to the beginning of our holiday

Life is but a sponge, suck up every moment of everyday.... absorb your experiences like a spongy sponge would.

mhmm.. sweet smell of morning breath.. :)

Mhmm... nothing smells better than the stench of unbrushed teeth, gathered from the previous night.. all the bacteria throwing a reproductive party in a closed mouth for hours through the night, the "aroma" of 3 meals in one.. ;)

*hubba hubba hubba*

= ="

Been a pretty unproductive day I would say, then again.. what's expected on the hols besides relaxation? :) Meh. Perhaps I'll list down a couple of activities tomorrow. the journey begins once again... Though it would be twice harder, without a job to keep me occupied, and holiday homework...

I'll find a way somehow...

english idiom " the sky's the limit"?

Basically my day was spent potato couching at home, movie after movie; a movie that never fails to crack me up! Just the look on the black guy's face never fails to make me double up with laughter... "your... not... white?"White chicks Though Potato couching may not seem the best idea to be spending my hols, I'll try keeping myself occupied, instead of filling my stomach with "junk"...

timtam. vanilla ice-cream. milo. more timtams. bubble cup. redbean dessert.

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