Friday, September 19, 2008

School's Out For Term 3 :)
Hoorayy! Missed out on the last day of school, seriously why bother? With only 4 periods to attend, my day's better off bumming at home.
Even better, Bumming at the glen!
So started off the day with my little un'...
Qiqi experienced her first time catching the bus, bought her happycup for being sucha goody two shoes, bummed around..
bumped into quite afew people today; friends I havent met in awhile, caught up a fair bit and bumped into friends from school. *hides my face behind the curtain*, then went window shopping @ Op shop.
Op shop stands for Opportunity shop, In need for those less-fortunate like I am.. Though most are sold second handed, the old, rusty, vintage, classic, one of a kind. Op shop is a great way to get things at bargain prices, and donates them all to emergency relief families and individuals. Great way to be spending aye?

"Hey, you in for the art competition?"
"I don't know, you?"
"we should both enter, since Sherry doesn't come here anymore; we'll win for sure!!"
Ivy & Cara Joseph
Ahahah I miss those carefree days...

~Hols are here,my top priority on the list

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