Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Royal Melbourne Show
located in the heart of Melbourne. Where else can you find a place, with rides, carnivals, farm animals&pets, arts&craft, food&wine && liveshows, all gathered in one place?
Yes, the Royal Melbourne Show today...
bummed with friends from WheelersHill Secondary, though I was told before hand that it's the same every year.. "same old, same old" I'd like to disagree with that comment, perhaps because I'm a first timer at the show. Surprisingly found it rather amusing, apart from those pricey rides, highly tempting commercial sales stalls, overly expensive SHOWBAGS...!
Interesting sight compared to what I'm usually used to... laid back lifestyle, basic routine of eat,sleep,wake up, head back to more eating...then back to sleep, again.
Yes, today's slightly different.. ;) *Hoorayy*
First off the vandalized walls or others would say "art" along the train trail to the city of Melbourne, then sights of the beautiful greens and fine buildings... didnt take us long before we arrived at Southern Cross..
&& Royal Melbourne Show!

Prizes to be won!

view from the ferris wheel...

animal farm ;)

pet farm (Oh my gosh, do you see what I see?)

Cassie & I

kiddy rides ;)

Unfortunately the sky decided to "spit" on us due to certain moodswings.

lame performance ;)

"why hello sexy..."

Georgia && I

"aww even when it's raining..."

gloomy day, sheer fun!

~stay tune

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