Tuesday, October 21, 2008

oki serious update time! :) Yes we'll be stuck with these hats for both spring and summer ;) How cool are we to be living up to primary school's tradition ;)


As for us Melbournians, the weather has been pretty crazy lately, with summer/spring/autumn/winter-like weather throughout the week; just like the weather, life itself too has been pretty fascinating.

Gradually finding myself sinking into a pit, struggling both spiritually and physically.. During this time in year2007, I would pretty much be working my butt off in the gym rather than typing away on my keyboard & consuming junk.. However, daddy's too working his butt off to earn a living back in Malaysia. (grr.. hate it whenever this topic is brought up) Guess two words sums it all up, life's tough.

Before I get carried away to desperadoland, here's a picture taken in Artclass today, the progress of collographing.. final copy will be posted up soon!



Unknown said...

Dear, you are still booked by me to design my wedding.
From the cake, to the portraits on my wall.

I love your artwork!
If I was Sylar in Heroes, I would cut your brain up and eat it to have your artistic talents.

Anonymous said...

lol ~!

nice stuff man :O

imagine making a life sized dress like that xD

Sherry Ng said...

Liann- aww you're the sweetest bub!
Anonymous- ahah, i can so picture it one day :) as li ann mentioned, my wedding dress :]