Friday, November 21, 2008


Laughs Out Loud

reasons for videoblog::

  1. self-motivation
  2. gotta gooooo! :)

My day started off with having uncle toby's cereals for breakfast, then walked to Glen Waverley after (approximately 30mins) caught the train to Fitness First. (worked out for an hour) then headed back to Glen Waverley, bummed around (excuse for more walking) took the bus back, only to find mummy wasn't at home & I forgot my keys. Laughs Out Loud. Tried every way possible to use up more energy.. eg: ran up and down the stairs, walked up and down the slope, and around the house! all that for approximately 30mins, then ran down hill to my cousin's place!


  • 1/2 prawn noodle 1/2 curry laksa
  • Happycup

Oki, Done blogging. Time for me and my bestfriend to catch up on some sexytime

p.s dont mind my crap vblog skills, no harm in trying something new :)

My Bestfriend


Anonymous said...

lucky u sherry
u exams are done
mine is still going ='[

why is everyone's exams are all done except our school >:@

Sherry Ng said...

lol that's because you go to wesley college
that frigging private school :)

Anonymous said...

everything at wesley is good
just not the exam times and the school fees...and maybe some teachers xD

Sherry Ng said...

ahaha :)
school fees good? try
100,000 for 5 years :O

Anonymous said...

my school fees are actually 100000+ for 5 years xD
this school is leeching all parents' money =[

Anonymous said...

heh? upgraded to video blogging now? =3 have fun in m'sia, going to miss you hahaha no more calls.
well good luck on ur eating XD
oh and sherry, oyasuminasai


~anon...leave it at that ok >>

Sherry Ng said...

Anonymous- oyasuminasai. What does that mean?

Wear, Show & Tell said...


Lol... you nutter! I was going to try to VBLOG too! But I'm still in the process of signing to YOUTUBE.... bleh.

hahaha... EH... after HappyCup right... I noticed something... :)

You AND your friends like to play with their frindges when you talk!! hehehe... you also do it in the VBLOG :P.

YAY!! To finishing!!

Anonymous said...

Urrm a hundred ks?
you really don't know your maths do you?

haha that's like double your weight :S maybe even more lol

haha well not bad for a first VBLOG

but might wanna try setting the camera down?
might be less straining on your arms thus less pain the next morning as with your thighs and legs ={P

hahaha that smiley has a moustache ~!
jsut like me :]
so it relates woot woot ~!

oiie you leaving Tuesday?

Sherry Ng said...

yayy! :) gracejiejie
wont be seeing u in MALAYSIA grrr =.=
darren- :) it's call tensing ur jiggly arm muslces darren
u know more about that than I do.
darren : sherry, if it wobbles more than 12345 per sec, that means it's fats LMAO :)

Anonymous said...


your weight has not been influenced by Australia as much as your accent has =P

Anonymous said...

dude your maths leaves alot to be desired :P

lol if you're like
a hundred now
and a hundred since you came here
you must've been like ...

a piece of paper when you came here LOL

Anonymous said...

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