Friday, November 14, 2008

Waverley Christian College 30th Anniversary Carnival

Cake Decoration Competition 2008

Don't you reckon they're the prettiest?

The effort and love put into these cakes, giving em' two thumbs way up for their job well done!
I reckon, as much as I love eating cakes.. I love looking at them better.
Cake Decoration Competition varied from preps to Year12s, unfortunately not all cakes will be posted up on here. Reason bacause, lol.. Sherry's too picky && it does take up quite abit of space.
Thus lol enough with the cakes and moving on, shall we?
has been awesome, not just the carnival, but bumming in the glen. webcam conversations. I've been smiling throughout the day, until now. Blogging is serious business. (laughs out loud) Plus, darren's brother Elijah no longer hates me! yayyers! :) (Told you darren, I'm good with kids)
So started off my day, showering then brushing my teeth, eating the leftovers from yesterday for breakfast...
ohmygoodness. concentration please...
Caught the bus to the glen, then the train off to Syndal Station, walked across the road.
&& there I was... anyone living in Glen Waverley ought to know where I stopped at.
ohmygosh, how long has it been since I stepped into a gym? Honestly I truly truly miss the days when the word boredom never came in mind. I was always occupied, whether if it's the gym or art at school. I was ALWAYS occupied. Unfortunately as we're heading towards the end of the year, sherry decided to stop gyming resulting a massive weight gain. Thus this is sherry now. Overly self consious, depressed & heavily low self-esteem. Not exactly, over exaggerated a little there. But do you get the picture? When you stop gyming, you stop sweating, and when you stop sweating. Something must be wrong.. that's my figure of speech.

But with my one week free fitness first coupon I had from uncle toby's wholegrain cereals, I shall make full use of this week! :)

To sum it all up, instead of getting into details.. which I'm sure noone would be interested. :)

My day was the bomb!

feeling great, caught up with friends, bought lollyie for a kid (BIG KID), witnessed someone opening his parcel. :) and helped out in picking male deodorant. :)



li ann shirin && me :)

Jill & I

Shirin & I

Steff && I

Jonathan && me

YOO~ my gym buddy :)

Min li ~

thomas && I

Simo Wrestling :)

inside joke

iStalk your bro, darren :)

Here comes the calories..

carnival outfit :)

supre top-$2

salvation army skirt-$6

Underneath courage shouts fear but of a hoarse voice

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks



Anonymous said...

aww..i was at the carnival too :)

Anonymous said...

LOL you have nothing better to do than to watch my bro drink cordial? You're a weird stalker =P

Anonymous said...

dazza :)
elijah's one of a kind ((that friggin shoe steper-er)) lol
hello anonymous- I KNOW WHO U ARE! :)

Anonymous said...

lol ~!
he steps on your shoe ?

dance with him ;D

Anonymous said...

darren-lol I'm assuming that's his way of saying
will you dance with me? :) LOL

Anonymous said...

maybe it is ~!

don't tell people my name ~!

I prefer it if they knew dz07

as the maximum they'll ever know


Unknown said...

I still can't believe your outfit was only $8! It looks like it came out from Seventeen magazine or something!

You are going to take me thrift shopping for clothes one day =)

Anonymous said...

Li Ann - ahaha yes shopping one day for sure! :)
Malaysiaaa ok? :)

Anonymous said...

i wish the carnival wasn't in the middle of exams.....
but then i wish the teachers stop making the exams so damn hard..

Anonymous said...

lol I found this page when i googled the school.

everything looks like so much fun!