Saturday, January 12, 2008

Update Update!

Ohmygoshness (Laughs Out Loud)
It's been exactly a week since I arrived in KL :) Apart from the "usual compliments" I've been getting from the moment I arrived, would be... (ahaha, you've guessed it)
PWOAH, what have you been having in Australia?
PWOAH, muka you dah kembang?
PWOAH, not just ur face.. but everything.
the top 3 compliment I would say... hurts but I guess.. it's ze fact :)
I shall type this out LOUD && PROUD :) (indifferent from the rest)
Currently at daddy's showroom, helping out whilst taking this opportunity to get familiarized with the furniture industry. :) So, no worries about not having access to the internet. I'll be here throughout the week! HOORAY. :)
I will be illustrating more throughout to week,

as for today.. :)
these photos shall do the talking for meee!
Friends I've made :)

Sherly && Me && Rina

@ sunway pyramid

My Pathethic Christian! :)

Home Sweet Home :)


Anonymous said...

huneyyyy!!! ur home in msia! :(
and i'm still stuck in ausssie... bleh. wana go home too!

Anyhow see u soon. mwah mwah

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh!
Ahhahah. I'll see you soon then =)
Gimme your number, and then we can arrange to meet up =D

* Hanley's also back. He went caught this afternoon's flight back.

Anonymous said...


2 days in Malaysia
and already you've begun to suck at blogging :)

haha jokes jokes
hows the weather? the food?
OMGSH the food -.-

had a good flight?
miss you already ;D
(hopefully that's an incentive to bring me back fake stuff =D)