Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I am currently spending my last few hours of 2008, typing away in a Internet Cafe. Whoever is reading this, come save me now!!
Unfortunately, my new years eve this year will be spent at home, according to Mum's "oh-so-innovative-idea" New Years Eve is better off spent at home, rather than karaoke or getting stuck in traffic waiting patiently for the clock to strike 12.
Grr.. Parents are just clueless when it comes to having fun.
In my opinion, watching fireworks when the clock strikes twelve, party-jamming with your mates would be the IDEAL way of spending your last couple of hours of 2008. Then again, it's merely my opinion.

Anywho.. :) Have A Happy Happy New Year Y'all :)
Enjoy New Years Eve with a "BAM" :)


Anonymous said...

lol I'm enjoying the scenery of random outbursts of coloured lights ~!!

Happy New Year bonehead :)

Unknown said...

Happy New Year!!

Mine was far worse than yours.
All I did was watch the clock of cable TV turn from 2359 to 0002.

No alcohol, no fireworks in sight, no music, no confetti, GRR! Everyone in the house went to sleep 5 minutes after midnight.

Anyway, "Toast to an AWESOME year!"

Anonymous said...

happy new year day later

Anonymous said...

....oh btw... did u txt me =O from overseas.....

Anonymous said...

Darren-Happy new yearrrrr dazzaa!
Liann-LOL think aagain.. oh em gee.. we should so meet upp liann GOHH :)
mATT- lol :) yesh happy new yearrr mattyamoo :)