Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yesterday's history, Tomorrow's a mystery, Today's a gift That is why it's called the present

Cliche but effective.

YES, it hasn't been a good start to year 2009, yet do remember there's the other 364 more days to make up for it. :)

Instead of holding onto the negatives, why not focus on the positives in life?

My New Years Eve was spent watching cable tv at home whilst daddy and his mates were drinking & cracking lame jokes, yet not long after...

*dum dum dum*

I'd rather not talk about it.

On the Bright side, a new year begins... a new beginning...

Looking back to Year 2008, God's been nothing but kind to me and my family.. First of, giving me the priviledge of being in a healthy environment, with awesome friends around. However, though my journey was slightly bumpy half way through, with some minor misunderstanding between my friend and I. We soon sorted things through.
That leaves me looking back with no regrets, well perhaps a couple...
Not taking things seriously, leaving chores to the very last minute, the lack of respect to my mum, and overly self-absorbed.
Knowing I could do so much better in 2008, grr.. really frustrates me.

I probs still have that sense of bitterness deep within, which I doubt anything would make this situation better, perhaps out with friends.. Escaping from this situation is the only solution.

Camping Out

Kiersten's 2nd Birthday Bash!

Lynette & Chris KorKor

Big part of shaping who I am today, my art teachers


Kai & I


Anonymous said...

what happened? :O

Anonymous said...

who is Kai?

Anonymous said...

haha yea who is kai eh? ; ].

Anonymous said...

Kai? =3 ayeaye

hmm hope your handling it well...
but yea overseas call expensive

Anonymous said...

Darren-I'll tell you as soon as possiblee dazzaa :)
Krystle- ahaha ILOVEYOUUU
Steffi-Kiwi mayte :)
Matt- thanks heaps matt!