Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Red Carpet Affair

My week's been pretty awesome overall, despite the silent treatment between mummy and I, being the absolute lifeless freak that I am within these couple of days, just bumming at home. All thanks to...
"Don't go out, it's dangerous out there"
"I can't take you out, I've got work to do..."
Well unfortunately I do have to agree with her, partially. Yet there is a bright side to this, because of the lack of going out & the lack of food consumption, resulting me to lose up to 3 kilos! Within 1 week! :) hooray... Not so lifeless afterall aye? With my treadmill & bamboo hoola hoop to keep me company. Funny thought, I came across an advertorial outside of Midvalley shopping centre last week, and on it was a before and after photo of some lady... showing her weight before was 57kilos, and her weight after is 46. I couldn't help but Laughed Out Loud. Too bad my camera wasn't with me,I "so" wouldve taken a few shots.. lol, no surprise to Malaysians. 57 kilos would pretty much be considered as obese, and 46 is normal? :) Geeze, not from the place I call Australia.
p.s Not all Australians are fat. :) It's merely a stereotypical assumption.. *coughs*
Enough with my weight conciousness, I could be affecting my friends in a negative way without realizing it:0 *Chris Lee* :)
Oki, that's all I've got for this week...

Sri Kuala Lumpur Prom Night 2008

Red Carpet Affair


the "Big Night" I mentioned earlier...

Hayley: "oh my gosh, you're hair is chopped off"

Sherry: "You don't like it?"

Hayley: "Didn't you feel a thing when she chopped it off you?"

Sherry: "was I meant to?"

I know my chubby cheeks doesn't go well with this hair-cut, but it looked so good on katie holmes.. :) Despite her awesome face structure, well defined bone structure, she pulled it off perfectly. But grr.. I've always wanted shortish volumed hair. :) Even if my cheeks are chubby.. their just baby fats *coughs*

Amelia Me and Yeeleng
YeeLeng ZuYi & I
Loving this shot :)
Ariel & I
Ian & Rina
Suyin & I
Group Shot
Jeffrey & I
Suyin & I
Group shot :)
Ariel & I
Crystal Sherry & Zu Yi
Yeeleng & I
Ian & I
Pui Yee & I
Group photo again :)
Yeeleng :)
Aliaa and I

Yee Sam & I
Rina & I
Syakila & I
Fariz? & I
Farah & I
With the girls :)

After the dance :) Here comes sweaty foreheads, oily hair and uber worn out face.

Yee Sam & I
Another shot with Yeeleng :)
Amelia :)
the guys? :) Sam & Anir

Pui Yee
Oh my gosh. :) Look at my hair. :)
Group photo!

Ariel & I

Rekha & I
Ahaha, my apologies with the bombarded photos :) This doesn't happen everyday, when you're gathered around ur ex school mates, looking gorgeous and having a blast. The night was awesome, everyone was looking their best.. With dresses that cost from hundreds to thousands, oh my gosh.. :) making me sound all cheapo if I reveal the price of my dress.. :) but heck, who cares, everyone loves a bargain!
mummy: Dont tell anyone how much your dress cost ok?
me: why?
Thus, sherry turned up telling pretty much everyone she bumps into, "pwoah my dress is 53 ringgit", (& proud of it!) No shame in revealing the price,.. plus, I spent 300 overall anyways.. including make up products, belt and heels.. :) What a Bargain? *evil grins*
Apart from admiring pretty lookin dresses all night, catching up with ex school mates is certainly a must! :) There weren't much change in appearances, despite the fact that they've all blossomed to beautiful teenagers since I last saw them. It was an awesome get together, awesome venue, and awesome songs on the dancefloor! :) two thumbs up to the commitee! :)


Anonymous said...

heyys sherry
awesome photos you got there you and your malaysian friends hahahah
hhahaha sherry got a haircut ehehehehe

from your aussie malaysian chinese pal victah

Anonymous said...

Victor- I didnt know you were Malaysian :/

Anonymous said...

Rofl victah charlie stalks you!
Lol something about th word prom that just appears stuck up to me lol see formal sounds more chilled out and mellow xD
Nice attempt on the katie holmes look though haha pulled it off with a touch of azn pride LOL
Having fun without me ;)

Anonymous said...

HAIR CUT ;) ..whaa so many photos to much for my capped internet to handle.. i think ill have to wait an hour just for everything to load.. have fun there !

Anonymous said...

You know what, babe? I still haven't seen much of you ):

Wear, Show & Tell said...



YOu look really healthy :)

Anonymous said...

where did all the hair go??? awww wow you actually look older!!!! i miss you dear:). you look beautiful in ur formal dress!!

ill be stalking you more on this thing now:P:P.



Anonymous said...

Suyin- AWW hun, I've been away...
gimme a call :) if u still have my number! :)
Grace jiejie- aww thankyou! :) unfortunately not to my friendddsss grrrrr :) aha
Alethea Jiejie- ahahaha :) it's worth 35aus overall :) i think :)