Saturday, January 24, 2009

it's only classified as good cos Darren isn't in it

Spent the day with Darren Lalchand, my Personal Counsellor, Pathethic Christian & Personal Calender. :) OH Oh, Darren.. another name just came in mind "Personal Critic"
He whom reckons I'm deceptive, fat, amazing, weird, the list goes on?

Anyways, I'm off to pick Daddy from the airport. Hence, I'll make this post really short and quick.. Today's been awesome, I dont know.. the sun's shinning brighter than usual. I'm just happier than usual Perhaps?.. :)

We've come to the conclusion that, Darren can never take a good photo as long as he's with me, Sad huh? Well.. This is evidence! Unfortunately I've deleted all other "unprepared" photos, gosh, this boy here is always occupying himself with, everything else besides the camera!

& By the time he gets the hang of camwhoring, here I am looking as spastic as ever!

Therefore, the decision's made.. Why not take individual shots? & just copy and paste them after?

much better.. much, much better!

Anyways, bumming at happycup for a total of 3 hours was utterly enjoyable!

It's been awhile (since New Year) since I've been truly happy, heaps has been happening behind the "scene", behind this "smile", and behind this "blog" that I'd much rather not illustrate further. However, instead of confronting the issue, I've perhaps been bottling up my emotions.. Note to self :" that is very very unhealthy, mentally and physically"

I guess.. I've understood the basic concept of human nature. When a situation gets out of hand, the best thing to do.. is don't bother. A new saying I've decided to live by "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil. Besides, life's tough.. mind our own business before we start minding others.

Unfortunately, the "Don't Bother" mindset didn't seem to work well with me. I found myself even more depressed than ever, though I chose not to be. I chose to be happy. Leaving all dilemmas to the back of my head, I was starting to hold grudges towards anything, and everything. Ahaha, My apologies.. i didn't quite realize this situation up till last night,...

Thanks Afiq Mohammad, for putting up with my cries and dissatisfactions! Not to mention, friends and family that were constantly by my side,...


Anonymous said...

lol siff critisize me for my horrible photo poses
you looked spastic when I looked up :]

haha unfortunately for you
your mp3 player's rather fascinating


I love seeing you this way ;D
suits your personality better
you should keep at this :]

Sherry Ng said...

Yo Brother!
from another mother,
what you on about, I've always been like this, in & out my niggz :)
hehe :)

Anonymous said...

you suck at being black :]

Anonymous said...

aww huney... Hope ur feeling alright.
U knw that no matter what I'm always here for u.
Ur awesome and u know it!!

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

I dont see u doing any better than me :) so shhh
Krystle jiejie- i love you, enough said :)

Anonymous said...

ummm I have the skin colour card :D

Sherry Ng said...

hehe i have the "personality" card.. lol.. :)

Anonymous said...

lol no way man :]
iWin at being black
uWin at wishing to be black :]