Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Barbie Playtime

It's been almost a decade since I last played with my barbie dolls, only because I grew outta that stage. (be freaky if I didn't) Fortunately, I once again had the priviledge to reminisce the good old barbie days with QiQi. Dressing up barbies, tie-ing up their messy hair, and pretend to talk with one another. Bahahaha, it was fun alright.However, this time.. I knew the barbies were fake, perfect figures does not exist in the real world (unless you're a Victoria's Secret model) that is; Also this time,I paid more attention to their outfits, make ups, rather than their individual characters, and their "imaginary personalities" . Does that mean I've become more shallow?
Not exactly, I personally were more interested comparing their make ups, and facial features. Surprisingly, not all barbie dolls looked alike! Some had seducive eyes, and others sweet soft eyes. Square features and sharp.. You'll be surprise how much you could pick up merely by looking at barbies!

Barbies new and old.

Ahaha, I tied her hair up here to bring more emphasis to the barbie's eyes. Not to mention, her hair was pretty much terribly tangled together.

Bratz Doll. Not my favourite unfortunately, from the reviews I've read about Bratz. Outfits they wear, is clearly giving young girls (like my sister) the wrong image.

(Fuschia lips goes so well with that skin colour!)

Ahaha, Yes this is way worse compared to Bratz dolls.

I'm left speechless.

Redheads immediately gives me the chills. Both sexy and rare. It's tough seeing natural redheads these days. Perhaps a couple, but nothing compared to the blondes and brunettes. Thus, making them the ultimate rare gems! (:

Fake eye lashes on people not enough? Now putting em on barbies too??

Creative, but not my cup of tea. (:

Interest Fact:

The first ever Barbie doll was introduced to New York Toy Fair on 9th of March,1959. Happy 50th birthday Barbie (:


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Aww, Yi their beautiful!
Pity I didn't take much of a interest when I was younger. (: