Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Though this is MY blog, and I'M the only author of this blog. However, as I was browsing through blogs earlier, art blogs, mummy blogs, gossip blogs. I've come to realised that for the remaining 10 hours I had in a day. (excluding school) I spent them all on the world wide web. By the end of the day, I've accomplished nothing. No homework, No sport, No exercising, No nothing. Day by day, without realizing my day has just gone by, living a life just for the sake of living. (slightly harsh) It really got me thinking. So what if that artwork was the absolutely beautiful, or Rihanna got beaten up in the face? or That mummy blogger just dropped off her children to school. Does that really matter? Wake up call Sherry! As comfortable as it is clicking through websites, knowing everything about everyone; By the end of it all.. You're not part of their lifes, and their clearly not in yours.
Hence, I'm posting up a "Me Time" or "Things to Achieve" section on the right corner, just so.. I can keep this up, and look back to my blog whenever I don't.

Had to prettify my diary, just so I could take a second look.

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