Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Family Day Out

Ola~ I just got back from... *fills in blank later * Ahahaha, No.. no idea where that place was, but it was certainly, the perfect spot for picnics :)

Although it was a family get together at (again, will FILL IN SPACE later (: ), I had my eyes wide open for inspirations!! Knowing art 3&4 would certainly massive this year, there's no time to laze around; On the other hand, *puts on her thinking cap* I was infact on a look out for inspirations in almost everything, and anything! :) Ideally, I had "Chinese/Japanese art"in mind, as every stroke signifiies a certain purpose, the serenity & trainquility of chinese paintings, the river and flowering trees in the foreground and the dramatic mountains, capturing the moment & emotion with the "simplest form", it's amazing. However, I too had a couple of other ideas in mind, hence the idea of asian art was then left aside..

I don't know, not that much of a hurry to decide just yet, there's still time.. for now

Beautiful weather, Beautiful location :)

"sweet love"

This little town had all the most fascinating things, unfortunately wasn't able to visit most of the shops. There was one which I personally liked, she's a primary school teacher who owns the boutique as a side hobby. Selling stuffs which was collected for years, and made some on her own.. Things varied from chocolate boxes, buttons on hair pins, vintage dresses & umbrellas, diaries, serviettes to scarfs, cup holders, cushion covers! & Prices from Aud4 to Aud60 :) & Did I mention? They're really really pretty! I was so tempted to take photos of all of her stuff! Unfortunately due to past experiences, she was very tight about taking photos at her boutique. Therefore we shared abit about ourselves, before I was allowed to get some shots taken.

updated: Marysville's the location! (:


Anonymous said...

such an awesome place :O

Sherry Ng said...

It certainly is :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ahaha, yeh
i wish i was.. half as "tank" as he is :(
WELL a quarter would do.
geeze this friggng "pot" of mine

Anonymous said...

its called a keg ! :D