Sunday, March 8, 2009

Experimented on forming human figures with eclipses. (:

currently working on my first resolution

Childhood Picture Time.

@ Bali, Indonesia.

I'm very very grateful, as I'm looking at this picture. My sisters and I were given the opportunity to visit a couple of extremely beautiful places throughout our lifetime. Though pressure in school's rising, my family is falling apart, I'd rather be alone than with anyone else.

I am indeed very very fortunate. (:


Anonymous said...

told u to come back here and i'll take care of u :)
hehe Love u heaps!!

Anonymous said...



and I mean that in a talent way
not in a way that makes me look oblivious haha

you flippin awesome girl =O

Anonymous said...

Krystle jiejie, I wish that could happen too.. but either way.. i'll be needing you 24-7. (:
Darren- lol (: thanks! yeh still working on it.. on my resolution that is :)

Siew Wei ♥ said...

sherry (: your sketchings are awesomeeee ! I'm proud of you.

Sherry Ng said...

Aww thanks so much Siew Wei! (: wish you and ur sister te best of luck, for the up coming examinations? ;)

Anonymous said...

yayayaya im sooooooooooo super happy....miss you