Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Family Love?

Problem solved!
Blogging about my conversation with Mummy 15 minutes ago.
Tonight we had "popiah" for dinner! But before setting up the plates & stuff, I took out my visual diary and began flipping through pages showing mummy the pieces I've been working on.
Mummy & I
Mummy: Shiek Er, I shouldn't have tell you off for sleeping late that night.
Me: Mummy you see, you see first.
Mummy: They're "hou leng" (very pretty), all very nice. (:
Me: Did I tell you, I got 29 outta 30 for one of my designs? And noone got 30 in class!
Mummy: Very good! (The Mummy Smile (: )
Me: oh... I cried in school the other day too...
Mummy: How come?
Me: (looked down on my thighs, & immediately had my chin up)
Well, He was asking what were my plans for the future. & you know, how I've always wanted to be an artist, well recently because of how we've been talking alot. You (mummy) want to be more independant and Shiek Ling wants to be the richest person in the world. I don't know, I've been thinking.. how to make money off my designs, and it really took away the whole meaning of me desiging in the first place. We're very different, mummy.
Mummy: Well, all the stuff that I said, wasn't meant for you.. but for myself, I want to be independant, and having no money is very "san fu" (suffering) I can't go out and not have money to spend.
Me: I know, but whenever the topic on money is brought up, I don't know.. I'd rather not talk about it...
Mummy: Well you know, Shiek Er... Me ShiekLing and you are very different. We want to earn money, money is very important. But you on the other hand, do what you want to do.. I bet "Papa" (daddy) will be very proud to see you happy. Whatever happens in the future, I will support you ok? even if you have no money, I still will support you.
Me: okay.. (: thankyou mummy. ;)


Anonymous said...

... that made me cry

its good your parents are happy if you're happy... cos then you call ALL be happy


i hope you feel 'happy' (or just plain better) soon

Anonymous said...

Jonathan, you're such a girly girl. But awesome anyhow :)
love you Johnoo!

buttelle said...

sooooo sweet !!! (:

Anonymous said...

Estelle (: thanks for the comment.
take care! :D

Anonymous said...

err...i feel sad really..when i think bout you,ling.qiqi and mami make me feel damm sad....i talk with mummy this morning..and i really brain cannot work ..i have very sweet memory with you all,,,even sometime we faith.,,,but it doesnt mean i dnt love you...and now mami and your daddy have a problems...and i just dont know what to do...i cant help them?,,,this morning when i go to showroom and take a bus..then mummy call me ,mummy tell me bout what happend between your daddy and mummy...( i think you know what happend) but last nite your daddy talk to me ,,and tell me that he love you all...he want spendtime with you all..but he dont have so much time..( u tau your papa is suke keje kan)but you have to know he work very hard..mencari money is for you all...Mummy.u,ling and if you have time talk with mummy k...ask mummy to talk with your daddy nicely....

Sherry Ng said...

Kakak, you buat saya nangis sahaja. Takpe ok, semua akan jadi ok. kalau tak, saya pun masih sayang you kakak! :) no worries k?