Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm really frustrated over a couple of things.

First of
I think my nostrils gone bigger over the past week,
after 7 whole days of...
...blowing crap outta my nose.
Definately expanded the size of my nostrils.

Not exercising for approximately 2 weeks,
officially ruined my figure.
Although there's no "figure" to begin with...
Exercising really did help in making me feel good about..

Last but not least,
There's no word to describe how afraid I am in going to school tomorrow.
Too much I've missed out on,Too much to catch up on;
I'll keep you posted, if I DO survive.


Daniel said...

Hey, read that it was your birthday tomorrow on Facebook. I won't be online tomorrow so I'll wish you now, Happy Birthday Sherry and have a good one.

Siew Wei ♥ said...

Sherry hunn (: Happy Birthday in advance! Hope you'll have a blast :D

Anonymous said...

Daniel- thanks daniel (: you too have a nice day tomorrow
Siew Wei- aww ur sister wished me happy birthday on msn! :) thanks bub! :)