Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mummy's back.
I'm still sick
I hate being sick.
I used to love it, looked forward to it,
But now,
I can't afford to be sick anymore.

Did not do jack over the weekend.
So freaking frustrated.


Anonymous said...

poor thing

Anonymous said...

Um. This "long lost cousin" of mine.
who the heck are u?
If you're nice enough.
U'll tell me.

Unknown said...

awww... you know you'd better catch up with the SACs and the assignments....

Anonymous said...

you know theres a thing called 90% attendance...
well hope u get better, and don't stress over any homework..or sacs..


Anonymous said...

Sherry- I know, i KNOW. cANT HELP it if im sick. I'll be going to school tomorrow. Thanks for your concern (O:

Hanley- yea (: hanley im freaking scared about going to school tomorrow. but i will. :)
you'll see me.. :)
there! :D