Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lazy BumBum

Update update on my weekend. (:
9.00am- Wake up for 10minutes run + work out
10.00am- Prepare for YumCha
10.15- About to get in the car.
10.16- (I'm assuming?) Heard mummy screaming
10.17- Wondering, What now?
10.17 THIS!!!

Flippin' Hell, bad enough that the car got egg'd a couple of times, and now this. Well, It didn't really get to me anyways. Shan't over-exaggerate how I felt. What matters is.. the car's good now. Squeeky Sparkly Clean. Thankfully, it didn't cost us as much as we expected. (Aud 2,000) but instead.. (Aud 70) :)

7.00- Family discussion. On the importance of our health, family, and love for one another.

My family's been following some asian drama recently,The Gem of Life. To some extent, this drama reminded us all of one another. The story centers around three sisters, Sylvia, Constance, and Jessica. Sylvia as the eldest sister, who strives to work hard in everything she does. (not me) Constance, (the second) who enjoys designing and is always told what to/not to do in the family, and last but not least. Jessica, who has always been ambitious, money-minded, and independent. As the series progressed, I saw more and more of myself in Constance, and my sister in Jessica. Though we're personalities, priorities, and values differs from one another, by the end of the day.. we're still a family.

That dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to. - a family...

&& Before I forget! Childhood Picture Time!

Good Old Malaysian days, (:


Anonymous said...

ahaha the asian drama !

lol zomgsh that actually looks
like a cool design for a van ;D

you know what you should do ~
paint the van black
and paint a green neon line across the middle :D

Anonymous said...

Ahaha. Well a job well done to those immature vanlism person LMAO.
dont know what you call em'
but yeh.
not a very nice thing to do. :/

Anonymous said...

it's spelt vandalism lol
I'm pretty sure you've spelt it once before about the bench outside happy cup x]

yeah true that
but there you go - there's an option for llife :D
design your dads cars

woot ;D

Anonymous said...

Bahaha. Didnt realised the typo error
Obviously I know the spelling of VANDALISM :p
aha :)