Monday, March 2, 2009

My love for Art?

Before i move on to my homework/assignments, here's a story I'd like to share with you readers.

It happened this morning actually, Maths period before Lunch time. As Mr. Matinez (Visual Communication) teacher took over our class. Seeing as Maths was my most hated subject, I decided to continue my piece I started in Art the period before.. Mr Matinez came over and flipped through my visual diary.

He was amazed that I could draw pretty well, and asked if I had any plans for the future..

Though I've been asked this question one too many times, and the answer would always be.. Industrial design? Art? However, this time.. I was left speechless. I did mentioned about art, and how pursuing in this career would definately be my all-time goal. But really, with recent occurence, and last night's discussion, surrounded by people with different views, made me more aware of society today.

I once knew who I wanted to be, a clear vision.. An artist.

Yet recently my views were shaken slightly, doubts were raised, subconsciously sinking into confusion.

Anyways, back to Mr Matinez.

After my answer to his question, -I don't know. and explaining the reasons behind that answer.

He added on, "Sherry you're definately one of the most talented artist I've seen in my life"

I was completely overwhelmed by his comment, a comment as massive and his, and by a teacher who knows everything on art.. I was utterly blown away. and began to tear a little.

Not merely on the comment itself, but knowing I can never agree with him in that sense, how can I possibly be the most talented person he's come across, and I'm not focused in art myself..

It's depressing; though I've always saw myself drawing happily in my room, no worries, no pressure, not caring if the world's tearing apart. However, that Sherry no longer exists, as you grow older each day, different occurence shaping who you are, different exposures, & most importantly, when you're given more options in life.. Money or Passion?

I know there's an option of choosing both, but before getting into money.. I must must question myself, am I entirely passionate about art?

The answer is indeed yes, always have been and always will be. Unfortunately, as soon as one thinks about money-making/attention-seeking, the purpose behind an artpiece completely changes. & I'm afraid.. I'll be that person one day.


Wear, Show & Tell said...

Shiek ER! You are one of the most most talented people I know too! *hugs*

Many times like this I think we need to be grounded in to God, and have faith. :)

I know know how you feeling, especially with the older you grow the more we're suppose to be responsible financially etc... but just don't worry too much about the future... take each day as it comes... do what does make you happy... and just love those around you.

Love love

Sherry Ng said...

Aww thanks Grace jiejie,
That made me tear a little too (:
I love you Grace jiejie (:

Anonymous said...

lol if he hasn't seen the best of you and deems it the best he's ever seen

wait till you show him your best work :D

Anonymous said...

Darren, you haven't seen them either (:
But thanks for the encouragement PC (:

Anonymous said...

hey sherry!
:D you DO have a great love
and talent in art, it is a blessing from God and I believe
you should follow your passion
in your career. you should use what
He has given you to glorify him! i think i have a similar problem with piano? we're not sure what to do in the future but we can trust that God has plans for us and will reveal them. Remember, God will Provide if we seek him... hmm

Sherry Ng said...

Rosa, I had a talk with you earlier. Don't worry, it's always down to money vs passion.. And I really do believe, if you have the passion, money really does not matter much at all. (:

andrew said...

hey, just came across your page. :)

I am an artist myself and had to make the same choice youre making.
yes, money will become very important, but dont let it control you and tell you what to do. Be passionate about what you love and you will be much much happier in life.
At the end of the day, thats whats its matter. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey andrew, I visited your site. (: Thanks for dropping by.