Thursday, March 12, 2009

Somewhere in the middle of Nowhere... (part 2)

Thanks to Darren Lalchand, I was able to transfer the photos from the city in just three days...! (:
As I've got a couple of things to blog about today, do be expecting a long long post. :D

1. Time Management Dilemma
I've been spending alot of time in Art lately, but haven't make up the time to exercise. No running, No sweating, No nice figure. (Haiya.. Eat less is a possibility?) Or even better... Organising my time better!

2. My new blog music! Isn't Jap/Korean songs so "in" right now? I was given the link to the video of this song by a friend of mine, and their apparently dancing to this song for some dance-off! Though I was slightly surprise at first, wondering.. is this really the right song to dance to?" Well they want homosexual, They've got it good. ;)

3. Photos from the city. I'll illustrate further as I goo.. (It's amazing, despite the crap quality!!)

Crown Plaza.

Pretty cool place to be.


Famine, earthquakes, and land degradation, push many hungry, injured and destitude people into mass immagration.


Love, marriage and family ties have united migrants from around the world

Looking back at the photos, really gave me a wake up call. It's sad when we take it for granted in our generation. Although our generation has a much much better way of living than previous generations.. also means that we should be much more appreciative for everything we're given.

A Better Life.

Seeking fortune, opportunity, and freedom

Gateway to a New Life
both daunting & challenging
sadness, excitement, fear and hope
How the other side of the world lives..

Random but yet interesting rows of cafe.

Seeing through my eyes...

Retrostar Vintage Clothing located at

Cathedral Arcade

Moomba Festival

Drew it and meant it

(Two tigers lapping at the waterhole)

The longest letter of Goodwishes support to those suffering from bushfire.

I left my message too...

Whilst came across this.

National Gallery of Victoria


glitter, earth pigments, polymer paint.

Self portrait

~Vernon Ah Kee

Voicing out his religious views

Bust I'm up

Hits against the problem of alcohol abuse and domestic violence, which informs the lives of young women today. "It all starts with their parties, we all get drunk, people get jealous over other people; Women and fight. They bust I'm up... community police come and take the man away and lock 'I'm up'. Must be beer make people go off their heads. ~Samantha Hudson

Aboriginal/Pointilism makes me dizzy..

A piece on bushfire.

The colour picked out for this piece, is completely different from reality.

As the artist was trying to convey his thoughts through the colours rather than the image. Using colours such as pink, green and blue; fantasizing the good old days when the bushfire occured.

Exhibition by Rosalie Gascoigne

I would take photos of the entire gallery if I could! But due to lack of space in the camera phone.. these are all I've got. Well there's always next time, not like I live 100hours away from the city; Just an hour. (:


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