Monday, March 9, 2009

Somewhere in the middle of Nowhere

I posted a blog post earlier, but due to unpopular demand (a couple), I was required to take it off my blog.

As readers of this blog, you'd probably figured out my life has been pretty bumpy in the last couple of days, weeks, or even months. I needed some time alone, a chance for me to do things by myself; To savour freedom and independence, and listen to my inner voice for a change- "Me Time".

Hence for today, I decided to spend some time alone, away from family, away from friends. Just me. & Honestly, I've learnt to enjoy moments of solitude, learning more about myself when I've got not much to rely on. Learning about who I want to be, & neccessary adjustments to make for that to happen.

Took photos with my mobile at the start, since I thought I left the cam battery back home. (Turns out I didn't) by the time I found it in the very bottom of my bag, it was already four! Had no time to lose, walked around.. took as many photos as I could (anything's better than the 3.2megapixel camera!) then rushed back to National Gallery of Victoria, bummer, that was closed too.

Before heading into the juicy bits on my day, I'm having the urge to yell out in capitals "I ENJOYED TIME ALONE THOROUGHLY!" (: Though photos won't be up till tomorrow (or the day after), I've got a couple hidden in picasa!

Melbourne Central

The Walk Arcade (Bourke Street Mall)

Chicken Graffiti @ Union Lane

Union Lane

David Jones @ Melbourne Central

Collins Two3Four

Federation Square

Inside of National Gallery of Victoria, Ian Potter Centre.

Immagration Museum

Weird how I did feel as if my body was leading most of the time, and my mind was swifting away to "other places". Only because there were so many places visited today, First was the alley cafes along some Street, then walked abit further to Crown Shopping Centre, bummed around while keeping my eyes wide open for any signs of danger (bahaha); asked for directions to Immgration Museum, inspiring nonetheless, makes me feel as if I'm taking the opportunity given for granted,walked to Flinders Street, Moomba Festival was on! Visited National Gallery of Victoria, Union Lane (well-known for Graffitis), State Library- Australian painters Exhibition photographed by R.Ian Llyod, Collins Street- well-known for brands such as Channel, Gucci, Louie Vuitton were located, trained back to Melbourne City Central and did more "window" shopping.

Shall illustrate more on this tomorrow (:


Anonymous said...

who knew the city had such awesome places =O

Sherry Ng said...

I knoww! I was surprised myself (:

Anonymous said...

sherry sherry sherry
jen kylie and i was in the city also. we should really catch up sometime! since theres no more chinese school for us.

Anonymous said...

Yes! (: We shall!! I saw ur blog.. u went to Docklands too! (:
How awesome is that place? :)