Monday, April 27, 2009

Art Excursion

Everyone just jumps to conclusion when they realise Im not at school.

"Sherry, did you wag again?"

Nope, not once, not this time.

Photos taken from National Gallery of Victoria. I'll illustrate as I go...

By Jessica McGuire.

"This work was done by a Mcguire?"

"Her name sounds so.... blonde"

Done by Ruth O'Leary

Titled as "Look Right Through Me"

Done by Kara Kim

Her aim was to portray emotion through portraiture and lifeless materials. Inspired by realism, this triggered her idea of representing emotions through fabrics, not only facial expressions.

Drawing similarities between the crinkled textures of paper and skin, the paper became a manisfestation of anger.

"the wheels on the bus go round & round"

NGV International

Take 1

Take 2 (Maddi chucking carrots at us)

Back to school.

yes we had paint on our faces

No, just.... colour swap. ;)

Hectic hectic hectic life in Year 11, even for someone as lazy as I am. I'll post up a proper post soon, as soon as all my assignments and SAC are out of the way. Today was great fun nonetheless, to have the priviledge of understanding the meaning behind the artworks more thoroughly, and their idea generating process in their visual diary......

Very...inspirational..... and depressing.


DZ-07 said...

Note how people would get that impression from

"Sherry did you wag again" lol

Anonymous said...

But you do havetha agree..
"wagging" could be misinterpreted the wrong way
one. I dont feel like going to school today.
two. I dont feel like going to school today, mummy.
Mines option 2 :)

Sherry said...

points to the comment above.