Friday, April 3, 2009

Experiment: Epic Fail.

"plenty of fishes in the sea...."

Not epic fail entirely, but I liked it better before.. Mainly because I actually get to wear that out without looking like a moron. The rusty jeans before was more casual-everyday look outfit. (goes well with everything) However, this on the other hand...Dont go well with anything. I guess in a way, it does somewhat reminds me of those tie-dye tops that can be purchased is a any balinese or retail stores.

Although I won't be wearing it out, but... the jeans does not look that dreadful...

This jeans might possibly be able to pull it off at some art exhibition, on display. lol.


The market? Along with all the other interesting looking people.


High Fashion Runway Shows!

(seeing as they're known for exhibiting the unpredictable, out of the ordinary)


~I stand a chance

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