Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I feel nerdier already...

Interesting day indeed. ;) But before I start off with today.. there's a couple of new songs in my song list. Do listen to Jessica Mauboy- Night of my life. Runner up of Australian Idol three years ago.. Though I've only been here for three years.. Her journey on idol, was by far the most inspirational. :) (Yes better than Damien Leith, Natalie Gauci, & Wes Carr) For a matter of fact, She is the only idol who recorded a song + music video with Flo rida!
This might sound a tad freaky.. but I do feel nerdier after getting these pair of soon-to-be-destroyed sunnies. For starters, I have not blogged like this in awhile, and here I am now.. blogging.. for fun. :) neither have I taken photos like that in awhile too. (lol, points to the freak above)
I don't know. I've.. got nothing to say.. Well I do, but I'm kinda tired to begin my grandmama story... (: However, I'd still proceed for the readers. (:
My holiday's been pretty awesome I must say, I've gathered all my inspirations in my visual diary. (Really excited in showing you guys) But for now, let's just leave it at there, till I've perfected it.. Yes, I love my visual diary loads. ♥♥
So as I was catching the bus to The Glen, Andy called up and invited me to lunch.. wait.. no.. His mum invited me to lunch. Though I've had two honey avocado toast for branch (breakfast+lunch=branch), I couldn't turn away such good offer. (lol, Yes I did) But Andy's mummy insisted to have lunch together.
Introduced myself to his brothers and mum. (Kinda awkward at the start, as I was thinking.. oh shit what did I do this time?) Lol. but it was indeed a nice lunch with him and his family, all fluent canto speakers and I.. figuring out their conversation by picking out and combining the words in my head. bahahaa.
No, nothing going on between Andy & I. We're just very very good friends. :)
Caught the bus to Mount Waverley Salvos after, for more op shopping. According to Li Ann I'm the Op Shop Guru. ;) Though I havetha agree, it's sucha natural reaction these days, it's turned into a subconscious reaction that I just am zoned out in shopping malls, nothing interest me anymore. Unless they've put up a massive SALE sign on, then I'll probably rethink about being uninterested. ;)

Square or Round?


Siew Wei ♥ said...

haha squaree :)

Sherry said...

aww I wore the round one instead since it was 4 over 0 on msn.
Guess what. I forgot. my....
camera on the night

Siew Wei ♥ said...

haha the round one looks moer like harry potter :D ngaahaha !