Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy early sweet 16th Vivian!

Random Pic from Facebook.

(Person on the far right is me)

Currently waiting for photos from Andy. Lol, yes left my camera in his mummy's car.

Posh Nerd Couple\

while waiting for the other 40ish people

more people turned up!
Steffy & I

Lyssa & I

Karaoke @ Kbox in Melbourne Central

Nerd posh couple. :)
Li ann Andy & I
Bong & I
Josh Lim & I
Unfortunately with 43 people attending Vivian's Party, 2 full rooms. We did not manage to get a photo with the birthday girl! Epic failure I know. Well it was fun fun fun getting us girls all dressed up, looking fine, and ready to go!

Hayley curling Vivian's Hair

Girly makeup session + Andy. ;)

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