Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Take a photo of it OR it didn't happen ;)

Yes, I scribbled. (:

But that's besides the point, the MAIN issue I'll be illustrating on.. is none other than, Vivian's Birthday present! (Me and Andy did get you a birthday present Vivi!) However, due to someone's (shan't point out this anonymous) forgetfulness.. We couldn't hand it to you when you came over, and surprise you with our blackberry pudding + supposedly with marshmallows on top!!

No point boasting how awesome it'll be, or was. When it's definately not gonna miraculously appear for Vivian's actual birthday tomorrow.

Here are the evidence:

Seeing the cheapskate and inexperience chefs that we are.. we bought 2 of those ready made pudding packs ;)

"mix, mix mix"

"looks edible"

"Second attempt" -fingers crossed


I contributed with photography!

"look at the pros gooooo..."

"This is gonna turn out GREATTTT!!"

(just by the smell of it from the oven) :D

&& the final result...

p.s Our second attempt turned out perfectly fine. ;)


DZ-07 said...

lol no contribution ~

Unknown said...

Oh dear! You expect 2 newbies, especially guys who haven't stepped into the kitchen ... to bake?

Oh my gosh, dear. You need to have my number on speed dial.

Sherry said...

I did.
I paid for the "ready-made ingredients"

Ahahah Li Ann.. That's exactly what Hanley said!