Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday & Mother's day mummy!

Before starting off with Anything, lol. Here's a quote I came up with, while on the phone with Johny last night.

Sherry : Guess what, I just realised my dog's 2 months old, instead of 8 weeks!

Jonathan: ....

isnt 2 months, eight weeks?

Sherry: ...

Oh yeh!!!

both: Laugh Out Loud!

"I'll remember that for the rest of my life"

Great. Moment's gone. Moving on.

It was mummy's 43th birthday lastnight! A $10 pair of leather gloves from the Op shop (my gift), and breakfast in bed from Hayley, we too spent the night out at a really posh Italian restaurant, given that we were the only asian family's around. Unlike Sofia's, the majority of asians and caucasians are most likely to be 50/50. Another difference? In Sofia's we'd take up 70% of our time eating and 30% chit-chatting, however in this (fills in name) restaurant, it was 70% waiting for it's arrival, and the remaining 30% digging in.

See how she expresses her love for me?

Once again, Mimi & Sherry.

& Sugarrr!

No. Skye.

She's currently sleeping on my bed upstairs..

....Sleep tight Skye


DZ_07 said...

Mom's birthday on mother's day weekend? xD walao

it's like being born on Christmas xD

Sherry Ng said...

not exactly
instead of getting 2 presents.
you only get 1
how's that good?
and and and
christmas= family
birthday= friends
that means you've gotta pick one from both parents and friends
how's that good?

Anonymous said...

oh the furrrr.... ohh no... not the fuuurr ... the fur i say

Sherry said...

it's fake. ;)
No need to worry