Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Too much has been happening recently, moving houses, new member in our family, SAC week, Exam just around the corner, procrastinating in the midst of everything. The more I procrastinate, the further I fall behind. But as I am caught in this emotionally and mentally tired state; it's so annoying as a teenager to see the pile of workload, and leaving the task which matters most to last. For instance, after helping out with moving houses, instead of focusing on studies, there I was.... spending quality time with the pet. This is lack of time-organisation.

And a powerful word just randomly comes to mind, (not so random if you continue to read on) What is Legacy? What good is required in order to leave behind a memorable legacy? Now, Have you ever encountered a person whom has impacted and influenced three generations. In the midst of school work, moving locations, and taking care of the pet, there is also the loss of my beloved grandfather. Everyone has had different experiences with "yeh-yeh", the most vivid and dim memories of him, nonetheless they were memoirs of my grandfather.

He used to tell us stories, stories of him and his children,the effort and trouble he had to go through... Unlike today's society, it was different back then. Yeh-Yeh, although old in person, the stories he told was so clearly remembered... the death of his brother, how beautiful his daughters are, Auntie Trina winning second runner-up for Miss Malaysia, Papa's runaway from home, and how he had to run high and low for doctors to cure Uncle Dave's asthma. Frequently wore sunnies at home and falling asleep eventually..

All throughout my stay in Melbourne, busy leading individual lifes, we rarely visited ye-ye and the times that we did, he seemed peace at heart, knowing that his family remains together. Eventually forgetting little bits and pieces, it was no doubt sad to see; but as he puts on a smile, knowing we are his family.

At times as tears rolled down his face,
Was it tears of joy, disappointment, or fear?
Joy, for he has accomplished so much in this lifetime.
the joy of seeing his children, grandchilden, and great grand children.
All grown-up beautiful, healthy, and loving him unconditionally.
Disappointment, for all that he could do was to smile in return.
But the hurt he felt within, he couldn't possibly relate to anyone.
Fear, for he had to leave this world, to be with God.
Fear for he knew this day would come......

And this is the legacy he's left for us all, may he be in heaven & always remembered in the hearts of us all.


DZ07 said...

So sorry ><

Unknown said...

My condolences... But heck, he has alot of things to be happy about in this life anyways... :D

Unknown said...

Sorry that your grandpap had to go so soon =(

But hey, he had such a fruitful, joyful life. I wish my life would just be as great as his =)

*kRystLe said...

May yeh yeh rest in peace.

I remembered the times when he would just be quiet but tears would just roll down his cheeks. No one knew why but i'm sure he was happy he accomplished so much in his family, children & grandchildren.

Now im crying... =( bah... ok goodnight!

Sherry said...

Darren- hello darren!
Hanley- :) indeed
Li Ann- :) thats what i said to myself, to live and never regret.. but.. hmm but the way im living, im afraidd i will
Krystle jiejie- have a safe flight back!