Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family Day Out-Mornington Peninsula

Mornington has been utterly beautiful, (despite the crap as weather) It was definately a good family bonding time for us NG family. (: Located just 1 hour 20 minutes drive away from Glen Waverley. Sorrento, without a doubt has one of the most beautiful scenery along the Mornington Peninsula. Unfortunately the weather was too cool for a swim, but Sorrento never fails at providing a beautiful and picturesque outlook. (:

We've got the same eyebrows!

"Pucker lips"

"Oh nooo"

Custom handmade doll. (: It's black~


fancy looking jewelries (:

Portsea Art Gallery

Would be "AWESOME" if I could set up my own art gallery some day, but in the time being... it's just as exciting to visit different art galleries from towns similarly to these. Art galleries enables one to expand their perception on Art, and to grow appreciation on the works produced. Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. Money can be measured, Art Cannot. It's subjective to everyone and anyone, and I guess... That in itself, is a form of beauty too. (:

The sun's finally found it's way back....


after leaving us looking like that.

There you have it,

~Have a nice holiday everyone!


DZ-07 said...

Nice labels
even better hatt

I'm talking to you now on the phone :D

Sherry said...

urr SO not. BECAUSE i'm on facebook now :D lol