Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Schooling Life

Another insightful post coming up!

Laughs Out Loud. I'd find myself yawning while reading my fellow peers blog if no photos are attached.Personally if there are no images nor colours in a blogpost, it is classified as a boringpost. Despite the clever use of words, ladiblahblahblah. Words do not appeal to a seventeen year old, colours and images do.. Wonder why pictures speak louder than words? lol.
Unfortunately this is, yet another "Dear Diary" post, I'd love to type out my thoughts every now and then.. It's awesome to reflect upon oneself, and read back the thoughts I once had, and my development since then...
I've subconsciously placed this blog so close to my heart, it would be weird if a passer-by so happens to drop by and would know my innermost thoughts on life. I wouldn't mind, really...

The truth is, I am not the "social-butterfly" as I was months ago, hence no images to upload.

The truth is, I have been bombarded with assignments, and if not... busy with art every hour of the day, I would post up my progession in art. But I'd rather keep it private till the 15th of October. -Presentation Night.

Be patient, I'm sorry!

Part 1// Thoughts on Schooling Life.

I've recently just realised... How dull I am as a person. Lol. Despite my loud, "snortish-laugh" around my fellow peers, the other aspect of my personality is... extremely unbelievably dull. LOL. believe it or not. I guess, it could be interpreted as focus, to some extent...

Life has been soo dull over the past couple of weeks, as a friend of mine said. "If you choose art or visual communication" It simply means ur risking your social life, cos you wouldn't have a life at all. Well, guess what.. I'm the only student in school who's taking up both Art and Visual Communication. That explains everything.

There goes my social life.

part 2// Thoughts of schooling life.

I think I'm in love with my teacher. Yes, someone PLEASE slap me in the face. I can't believe I just said that.

But I did. :)
Over the past couple of weeks, without a doubt I've enjoyed every moment of life. Working hard. Pushing myself to the full extent. I am satisfied. But exhausted. Literally. I'd hop onto the bed and collapse. I'd sometimes collapse in tears...

Life just isn't exciting anymore is it?

But after hours and hours of work... the slightest praise from teachers would easily uplift my spirit. As I know, someone has recognized my effort.

Turning up in Visual Communication on Monday but rushing through Art, was the most "courageous" stunt I've ever pulled off. Mr Martinez didn't mind. He'd question me, but after listening to my reasoning... (Art Visual Diary handed in on the day) He could relate to my love for art, hence allowed me to quickly finish up my annotation.
Mr Martinez was slightly dissapointed in me for the lack of effort in Visual Communication. Seeing as I was miles behind my fellow peers, and I was (unfortunately) the only student in class who'd still be at Inspirational-Development Stage. But with Art out of the way for the entire week, I've had the opportunity to work on my Wheel Chair design, in a completely fresh mindset.

"Sherry, You're designs are Pro"
"Sherry, Do you not know how Pro you're designs are?"
"I have dreams about your work Sherry, their either really good or really bad"
"I've said this before, You are one of the best naturally gifted people I've seen"
"You can easily be in Top Designs next year, and really you should be aiming to be the best in Top Designs"
- Visual Communication Teacher
"Your quite a talented one, aren't you?"
"Sherry, you are very talented and gifted"
"You can be in Top Arts, if you finish your resolutions in time"
- Art Teacher
I am overwhelmed with such comments, sometimes.. the feeling of... "Would I ever live up to their expectation" creeps in...

Part 3// Thoughts on schooling life
A friend. Who's stood by me all throughout my journey of ups, and downs, highs and lows, yet still loves me nonetheless.
A friend. Who's understood and put up with my pmsing all throughout the hectic lifestyle of this seventeen year old.
A friend. Who never fails to enlighten my day
An awesome friend indeed, Thanks PC (:


K i m - A n h said...

Here's a comment from me, to the most talented artistic person!: design our yr 12 jumpers pleasssssse?? :):D

sherry said...

AWWWW yes yesyes :D I'll help out in designinggg the school jumpers :)
as promised to ceddy and bong :D lol.