Sunday, October 4, 2009

Video Blog

Technically I only have 1 more day to complete 4 of my resolutions, although I've completed 5 all throughout the year, which includes, research, inspiration, development and refinement. Now leaving 2 oilpaint portraits, 1 soft pastel sketch and 1 coloured pencil sketch. I am at a "ohmygosh- I'm so screwed" stage, but.. If I can get through this... This challenge would definately be a major achievement for me. (: Hence, I'll leave you here with a videoblog~

Enjoy watching, I'm getting back to art in a early Sunday morning!

"4.43am, awesome"


Siew Wei ♥ said...

Hey there,please relink me :] sorry for the inconvenience.Thanks anyway !

oh how've you been anyway sherry ? :D

Unknown said...

lol.... hey don't feel sorry how many times... you at least were there... lols

Sherry said...

I've been good (: Oki I'll link u tonight love. :D

Hanley (: Ye, your party is the only party I've turned up to :P
awesome awesome meeting ya on the hols :)eye-liner boy

Joey Woo said...

HEY :) remember me? nice meeting u. although we met at the library. of all places -.- HAHA XD


Sherry said...

ahah heyy Joeyy! :)
yes I rememberr you. :D