Thursday, November 19, 2009

School's Out,Partay PARTAY!

Here's my outfit for the day

Turning my bubble tube dress into a high waisted skirt. :) Emerald green is absolutely a stunning colour :)
Exams are officially over since yesterday! :) Hence now on till the end of 2009, life would pretty much be.. fun, fun and a whole lot of fun :)
As I glance back over year 2009, I'm absolutely honored to say life's been hectic busy but I'm satisfied with everything that I've achieved.
"Focus" and "Passion" goes side by side
And that is the Key :)

Started the day off with clearing my locker at school, then cleaning my room back home. I should really post up and before and after shots in my next post. :) It will be rather fascinating.
Next was meeting up with mates to Flinders Station and had lunch at Crown's Mc Donalds.

We are a bunch of cheapskates living the life of the "rich and famous", Can't get any posh-er than having Maccas at Crown. :)

Beautiful Liann and I

City view

Snapshot of the city life

"Artwork Ahead"

Ian Potter's National Gallery of Victoria & My favourite place :)

Paintings by Julie Dowling

National Gallery of Victoria

Interior Design

Oil on Canvas

I've been really interested in art from every culture eversince taking up Art as a VCE subject. How their thoughts and influences are conveyed in their meanings and messages. Different Artists have different approach in conveying their messages through their art. Some are on walls, and others are on the ground. "I want an art, not on the wall nor the ground" -Damien Hirst. He is an inspiration figure to the 21st century. It's amazing to witness the movement of art of our times, Art is beautiful but not everyone sees it.

Catching the bus back to Work. Yes, when I said Hecticc., I truly meant HECTIC. :) Very fulfilling though. So went for Work at Wendy's after.. I love my job, I love stuffing calories into the little people who approaches me. Just kidding. ;) Working at Wendy's enables me to interact with the funniest kinds of people. :)

Customer: "Sherry, I've been here so many times and I've never realised how funny you are"
Sherry: Giggles. "Aw.. thanks" :)
Customer" When I mean Funny, I meant air-headed"

Finished work at 6pm, and immediately changed into my previous outfit for Ally's birthday party. Unfortunately teenagers of our age, are sooo unbelievably poor... Only Aud 2 dollars were all we could spend one someone's birthday present...

Aud 2+2+2+2=Aud 8

Awesome. Cakes were on special for 3.98 :) and Strawberries were on special too!

The boys and I decorated the cake, with sliced strawberries along with some stolen chocolate flakes and fudge from Wendy's shakes and icecream. :) Benefits from working at Wendy's :)

Tadaa.. We've done incredibly well in transforming a 3.98 cake into..
A cake made with love. :)
Props to these happy helpers :)
Caught the bus and off we went to Ally's 17th Birthday Party!

Girlies in the room :)
Min-Li and I
Looks as if they've been ran over.
Bec Hu and I
Candii and I
Benny Yeo :)
Chriss Lee :)
Charles Law
Jansen Lee :)
Charles and Darren :)
Group photo :)

Chloe and Bec Hu? :)
Jilly Kam
Yet another Group photo :)

Eiw Darren~
Birthday Girl Alison :)
Keren Robertson and I :)
Joanne Nguyen
Jilly and Min Li :)
Seriously pathetic asians We are..
:) and it goes on...
and on....
and on...
& that's my day.
Awesome that Exam's over. :)