Monday, November 16, 2009

Year 11 VCE

It's our last week of exams everyone! Is everyone surviving just fine? Well ironicly, that's the exact topic I had to write on in my English exam today. Survival as the central theme, i think. :) Well it's over now.. Hip Hip Hooray~~ 2 down, 2 to goo :) Awesomeness
While I was finished with exam for the day, it was rather fascinating capturing some shots of randoms studying at the library... :)

Random Snapshots were rather Amusing:

The life of VCE

Screws us all...

& Obviously had drove Jono insane//
Life's been fun, less stress since Art is now over. It's awesome taking a break off Art and focusing on the fun fun fun aspects of life. Friends are truly awesome. :)
But before I blabber too much into.. friends and fun..
It would be my pleasure to take you on a journey of my progression in Visual Communication Term 4 :) A product for the disabled :)
First of, theres Research and Inspiration. As I'll be designing a wheelchair for the disabled AND the elderly.. I kicked off with some researching off the Internet. :)

This skull was inspired by a book on Animals I came across in the library
Morphing #1
Along the side are some designs of the backseat of a chair...
How could I collaborate a comfy seat, into a stylish wheelchair?
Crave for more inspiration.
Inspiration from the water tap holder.
Inspiration from the paper in the pigeon hole.
Here's my first inspiration, of which I've chosen to develop on....
Hydraullic Backwheel, simplistic curve, unrealistic composition
Muck around with different textures possible..
Really, this bit does not have to make sense..
It's the way... a fool thinks. :)
Two point perspective
Positioning of the front wheel does affect the overall appeal. See how the third thumbnail sketch has a sense of Aero-dynamism to the design compared to the 2nd sketch?
Copic Marker rendering, attempting to render different textures.
Stainless Steel
The curve of the wheelchair
Isometric View
Really messy Orthogonal attempt :)
Final render, unfortunately I did not manage to sketch the armrest in on-time. But here it is :)

There it is, a preview of my Visual Communication Portfolio. I love Art and Design. Despite the fact that I am undeniably stronger at Art. I am willing to take whatever it takes to muster the skills of Visual Communication. :) Therefore, I will appreciate the Aud 900 scholarship to UTAS (University of Tasmania) in January 2010. Absolutely Love love my beautiful teachers...

Mrs Mc Kercher and Mr Martinez :)

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