Sunday, November 8, 2009

Things I do for fun. (:

Well first and foremost, no complaints here from me...

No... "Stuff you VCE",

No... "I'll burn all you revision papers as soon as I'm done with you!"

& No... "I have no motivation to study, stuff this"

Well, I bet every single person undertaking an examination is poopin' themselves out, or possibly already poopin' since last week. I've been rather lifeless I'd have to admit. No interesting post here, although there are some High-La-Rious incident I've come across here and there. Pretty pretty hilarious indeed. :)

Customer: "Uhm, the ice-cream seems to be dropping"

(Since I scooped it.. disproportionately. is that even possible???)

Sherry: "Not if you eat it right away"

or or

Children : "Daddy, I wanna grow up to look like youuu"

Daddy: "Not with having this ice-cream you won't"

Customers are rather amusing. :)


Grace Lee said...

Hey you! I haven't seen or spoken or like seen you for like.. like.. AGES! :P

Anyway, just thought if you could spread the word, I'm doing Friday Giveaways now... it would be much appreciated. It is Christmas afterall.

Love love

Matt said...

haha are you suggesting that you're going to keep all these horrible revision sheets =O ONE more exam high five! i say "stuff you VCE exams xD". refresh my memory you work at wendy's right?

Sherry Ng said...

Awesome Grace jiejie :) :)
Nice nice :)I'll spread the word~

:):) awesomity matt yam :)
all the best with..
the exam you've got :D accounting I'm assuming ? I donoo.
Yes Wendy's it is :D