Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Play around with make-up

Hello everyone~
School's out for us year 11s for the rest of November, however.. exam's merely a week after. Goodluck to those undertaking the exam this week! So... despite the fact that year 11's are entitled to complete their revisions at home, I've chosen to go to school for some one on one tutor in Art 3&4... Yes, I really do need as much help as I can...
Here's my version of attempting the "natural" look for make-up, since I've never really spend much as far as make up goes.. Eyeliner, concealer, and blush was all I could make use of (:
Begin with a blank canvas, moisturized cleansed skin (:
Apply black/dark brown eyeliner on the centre of your eyelids. This would make your eyes appear larger and more awake. Unfortunately, these eyebrows have not been reshaped in a LONG time. (: But given the circumstances, I'm sure noone would mind (:
So here I've smudged the harsh lines along the contours of my eyelid. My undereyes are concealed and a tinge of blush along the cheekbones.
According to a make-up and science book I came across some time ago, the thickness of eyeliner does enhance the shape of one's eyes. If the eyeliner is thicker on the outter eyelids, this could enhance a seductive, sultry look and the gradient of hues directs the eyes to the overall composition, our feature.
In contrast, if the eyeliner is thicker along the inner eyelids.. This would make the eyes appear wide spread and a sense of dynamisn is depicted.

The application of eyeliner along the centre creates an illusion of bigger eye iris, oh! A piece of advice.. This make-up is perfectly awesome for tight as school like Waverley Christian College~ Quick steps to bigger and more refreshed-looking eyes~


Anonymous said...

You make me say this ..

siff make your eyes look bigger
your eyes are big enough already
why make it bigger

beautiful asian mateyy ;)


Anonymous said...

It does have a slight difference in your eyes, make sure you apply a thicker layer of eyeliner, along with mascara for more emphasis to the eyes.

Sherry Ng said...

Ahaha :) Indeed anonymous no1 :) ily

Anonymous NO 2- TRUE. I couldn't find my mascara~ thanks for the piece of advice