Saturday, December 12, 2009

Before and After shots of my room :) What an incredible achievement if I say so myself. :) Wow.. to be frank, I've NEVER been a tidy person. Well.. tidy to "some" extent, but never like this *points at the images above*. I am still unconvinced that my room will be as tidy by the end of tomorrow, but we'll see.. Besides, heading off to Malaysia in the next couple of days.. :) No reason why the room shouldn't be tidy. :) Treasure it while it's still squueeky clean//

1 comment:

Rawr iComment said...

If it was squeaky clean you'd have to call someone about your floor boards :P

naww it's looks cool
I wanna roam amd bask in the dirt free environment :P

what a nirvana xD