Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 4

"Macho Man"
Here's an unber short update on my journey, + photos! Well technically these are from my cousin's canon 12mp camera, but as for my photos... will only be available by the 7th of Jan. Hence, keep a watch out for loads more photos till then! Krystle Jie Jie and I had some authentic asian prawn noodles along with authentic Malaysian dessert - ABC + Cendol. Cendol is pretty much coconut and brown sugar syrup with grainny ice + jellys and red beans! Followed by bumming at 1utama for some more Christmas Shopping! :) Tadaaa.. Theres more to the journey than meets the eye, however.. I've gotta start packing for the HongKong flight tonight! Hong Kong here I come!~

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