Sunday, December 20, 2009

Malaysian Trip

Photos are up! :) Wow turns out I don't need my cable to upload these pictures afterall.. I've got my dad's cable! Although it has been an awesome 4 days down here in Malaysia, photos just adds to the awesomeness, while it captures beautiful memories of my time here in Malaysia! Here I am typing away about the journey which I've been through over the past four days, It all begins with the airplane departure from Melbourne....
Low Fare Airline, and Malaysian Airline is equally as awesome! If not, more :)
Loving the clouds in this picture, like the waves by the beach. :)
I've never seen clouds from a birdeye view :) Breathtaking.
Flying over Australia, the land of milk and honey :)
Watching from above, a view like no other..
Arrival to Malaysia!
There, snapshots purely from departure to arrival. Absolutely love viewing our land from high above... The cities, the trees, the river stream, the.. little block of houses. It all adds up to one beautiful picture. ;) Although it's a holiday vacation for most of us, this trip is also.. a trip back home.. A place where I grew up in, a city where my parents bought their first home, my past with irresplaceble memories... Beautiful Malaysia.
Had Dinner at Ole-Ole Bali located and Sunway Pyramid.. touches of bali's delicacy presented by Malaysian Chefs. Yum Yum~

Met up with some Malaysians from Melbourne. Ironic yet awesome nonetheless. Darren, Chris, Hanley, and I met up at Pyramid for some shopping, munching, bumming, and catching up in Malaysia? :)
Sisi blending into the balinese atmosphere with a typical bali pose :)
Setting up the Christmas mood with flakes of soap-free snow @ the Curve. 32 degrees celcius temperature all through out the year, anything and everything can happen :)
Jason , Krystle jiejie and I. :)
Seafood noodle soup
Not only are they generous about their seafood, but the taste is yumyumyum~
Tomyam seafood soup
Then comes dessert!!
ABC + Cendol. Coconut and Brown sugar syrup with corn, jelly, red beans and grainnytextured ice! :)
Enjoying much? :) Afiq
Another Dish from Delicious. With Strawberry fondue, sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, and peach and banana crumble! :)
lalala.. Krystle's doing! :)

& Darren Lalchand! :)
Massive cart with a variety of steamboat dish dipped in hot boiling water, and sauce of any choice!

Instead of ice-cream cars in Melbourne, we have... soya bean cars! :)
Slightly Tiiiipppssyyy @ some bar
Krystle jiejie and I :)
& Here it is, random snapshots here and there makes up an interesting post, I'd assume. Love going through my pictures and bringing you along my journey :) Yes I was slightly tipsy lastnight as evidence to the flushed red face. :) It has been wonderful getting to stay over at my cousins place while daddy's at Thailand and Mummy's at China. :) Trip's been amazing all throughout. :) However, no time to spare as HK flight awaits! :)
Have an awesome Christmas everyone!

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