Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hong Kong Trip

It is currently 1.59 am on the 25th of December 2009. Slightly late for greetings but, Merry Christmas Everyone! (: Unlike most people, I am currently typing away whilst waiting for the rest of the family to get back from HongKong. Slightly Bored at this stage although I've just arrived from HongKong this morning. :) This Christmas has definately been unexpected but My Holidays has been thoroughly enjoyable :) Guess that makes up for it, doesn't it?
I'll blog about Christmas tomorrow, Pinky pinky promise :) But as for now... Its HongKong/China blog update time! :) Most eventful 3 days of the year...

A city filled with oh-my-gosh humougously tall buildings :)
Welcome to HongKong
Chicken trade? Beats me?
Busy streets of HongKong
Sisi's following the trend of.. thick-framed glasses... So Honky :)
Tourism Market
Lights are up!

Authentic Milktea, HK style
Night View
Can you sense the fascination and curiousity steering within me? capturing the city from day till night. Hong Kong is literally jampacked with retail stores, good for shopping?

Cooking sticky rice Asian Style :) And props to the lady who was kindly smiling at the camera

A photo of us in the Hotel! :) Not much of the Hotel besides the wall :)

Dessert Herbs, Kuai Ling Kow

Sisi and her trendy frames with daddy's real ones :)

Little Sister with Baby Disneys

Random Snapshots

Welcome to HongKong Disneyland!

Daddy and sisi :)


Adventureland :)

Tarzan's Treehouse

While waiting for them Fireworks!

Bet you like it like that :)

These are some family shots taken from Disneyland and Wax Museum, Though it was an extremely short trip in HongKong... These three days has undoubtedly tightened our family bond. Seeing as we've never travelled together as a family apart from Australia and Malaysia, This would be our very first time travelling overseas since QiQi was born. Some Snapshots to keep these memories, though there are much much much more to it than just these pictures. Hong Kong has been thoroughly fun fun fun, even without the shopping..


DZ07 said...

haha nice boobs :P

while fighting the sumos
no sus lol

Sherry said...

Yes Yes :):) i do tend to attract the weirdest of em all :) :P

DZ07 said...

I know right :D rawr
and the weirdest of them ..

is me? LOL
nope apparently Japanese sumo wrestlers win ;)

Anonymous said...

No.. the weirdest of them all.. it the commentor above urs.. :O