Monday, December 28, 2009

Malaysia Trip

Here's another blogpost on my current trip in Malaysia! Yehah, Besides spending my Christmas eve alone on the computer while waiting for the rest of my family to return home, Opening the presents was definately the best part of Christmas! :) & My childishness kicks in...
Well technically, the best part was watching them opening up my gifts :) Though not much was spent, seeing as I'm on a tight tight budget.. But heaps of love and thought was put into each and every gift :) As for my baby sister, I bought her a box of coloured pencils :) Similar to me, She'd very much treasures all sort of artsy materials :) My second sister, I've bought her tropical flora hair clips, and up till today she's still using all three of them :) Guess my effort didn't go down the drain huh? For Mummy, I've bought her a Elizabeth Arden Lipgloss.. This mother of mine, does indeed need a bit of tempering, and beautifying :) Last but not least, papa (daddy) He as the source of all our expanses, owns everything and anything that can be bought.. Hence, heaps of money spent is truly unneccessary, instead...
I printed out images of our family, and his short stays in Melbourne while compiling them in my very own handmade photo album. A letter was attached in the Album, love note from Me :)
Shall everyday be Christmas day, where everybody loves and be loved in return :)

Christmas day Party
More Snapshots of Malaysia's Hawker Stalls :)



*kRystLe said...

Jayden's so cute <3 Jayden's sister lagi cute!
hahaha xx

Sherry said...

Ahaha :) Both very very cute indeed :)