Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cuts and Band aids

Cuts and Bandaids.

Class today went by pretty quickly, unfortunately yesterday's work wasn't quite ready to be taken out from the kiln, display photos will only be up tomorrow :( Apart from that, today's lesson was mainly about molding glass sculptures. There were a couple of amazing clay sculptures being formed, while the next step will be filling our plaster template with scattered bits of glass, then melting them in the kiln. Mind my brief explanation, handling glass is still quite foreign at this stage (: Attending this course has been an eye-opener, I've taken in a more in-depth knowledge of glass, and how glass contributes in all artforms, interiors and architecture.

Inspiration for my final project:

The influence of Glass in Fashion.

Lady Gaga in taped on glass dress

Karen Lamonte

Diana Dias-Leao


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Sherry Ng said...

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