Sunday, January 17, 2010

Design Centre Tasmania

Explored around town this afternoon after finishing up with some glass work at Uni, there was the beautiful City Park, and further down the street was Design Centre Tasmania (: Bought myself a brand new mobile phone worth Aud59 seeing as I accidently slipped my nokia phone into the toilet bowl as I was about to pull down my pants to piss yesterday :X How could that possibly happen? Don't know how did it happen either. Long story short, I had to purchase a brand new phone today for safety reasons, and yes yes another week at Launceston, and I'll be heading to Hobart for more sightseeing (:


DZ07 said...

Design Design
She got in without the fine
of AUD five
I think thats deserving of a
high five !

a DZ-07 original :D

Sherry Ng said...

dz07- you sure your not stalking me? :P