Sunday, January 24, 2010

End of Launnie and Off to Hobart!

Hello Everyone! It's been quite awhile since I blogged. Yes Yes, hectic lifestyle down here in Hobart. Life's been amazing living alone, although I'm missing my family heaps.. Every second of the day, the life of no parenting guidance, but the love of friends and the support of others. It's been amazing. Over the past couple of days, I've been caught up with working on my final project. As an exhibition was held on Friday, and this summerschool course takes up 12.5% of my Uni course. Which ultimately means that I've completed one uni subject at the age of 17. (turning 18). Stayed up at Uni till 11.30 every night.. Working my hardest hoping for no regrets in the long run- my current motto. "Live with no regrets" I've painted a total of 140 pieces of glass and sewing them into a skirt :) Very ambitious, unfortunately due to the time contraints, I've only managed to complete a working progress of my final piece. (: Good enough for me, I've tried. Snapshots of my last couple of days at UTAS, Launceston.

140 pieces of glass
My other sculpture, with television glass and some on-glaze pigments of the primary colours.
UTAS Interior Architecture design

Glass Studio
a rabbit outside my room ^.^
Student's final piece
The slumping method

trying on my belt in the making. (:

Student's sculpture

oriental fish with foam glass (:

another student's sculpture (:

lefty hand sculpture by me (:

close up shot of my glass belt :)

Goodbye Launnie :(

Friends I've made along the way.. Jess and Kelsea

Came across this studio on our way bumming at Launnie, and ohmygeebees.. This Artist Leoni Duff works as an Artist as her main career, most of the paintings she paints would sell for the price of 4,000 but painting an artwork is time consuming ofcourse. One painting takes up approximately 5 weeks to complete, and that would be a month wage? For a piece of painting. They're perfecto nonetheless.

Welcome to the studio


Oil Painting

An artist at work (:
Later, browsed around some retail shops, and took some snapshots here and there, they're beautiful sculptures done in metal, glass, clay. My perception towards sculptures and glasswares has altered through the experience of UTAS.

& this is the exhibition held on Friday which I was talking about earlier. Artworks, sculptures, and furnitures completed in this exhibition was done in 6 days. A major achievement by the students from courses which varied from Comtemporary Painting to Furniture Assault. It is fascinating as summerschool is developing talents from all various form of Art. (:

Comtemporary Painting Practices

Landscape paintings:

Furniture Design


Aboriginal Philosophy

Metal Casting

Australian Art and Design

Furniture Assault

Furniture Design

Yep Yep, those are a couple of finished projects by the students, fascinating aye? Through glass studies, I've enabled to identify glass which are costly and the inexpensive, the methods in molding a glass, the elements contained in glass, and the skill in approaching glass with different method, such as slumping, on-glazing, molding, and the temperature in which the kiln has to be set in. (: Launceston, enabled me to not only be independent, but to learn from the talented within a creative environment, It's difficult to explain, but people which I've came across are architectures, to artist, and also bachelor of education soon-to-be teachers. Hence, this journey has been undoubtedly valueble (: and definately worth taking another shot in.. Nextyear, I'll apply for metal casting for shizzle. (:
Hobart Trip:

on our way to Bruny Island. Here's me in a tourist picture :)

Pancake restaurant, serving Salmon, Scallop, Chicken and Cashew pancakes!

Sarah Wongg and I

Sight-seeing along the way...

no no pimply face.. :(

Roger me and Jade

Just some mucking around!
Roger's not GAY ;)

The view at Bruny Island :)

Photography with semi SLR :)

Heh, and these are the epic fail jumping shots, though a reasonable amount of the turned out successful, the progress on our 1,2,3 Jump! Took forever to muster! :) Awesome Fun fun with the girls and guy. :) Thumbs up to our roadtrip Roger!

I'm proposing, and She's excited? :)

Superman Shot!

Jade's buddha in the air shot and me attempting.

Jade's other buddha in the air shot, and me still attempting...

Sarah's jumping shot, and me still attempting... lol.

Success! Superman Blast-off!

Smexy Humpy-Lumpy

To my surprise, Jade took the exact same shot too! :)

Thumbs Up! :)

More camwhoring with self-timer shots on Jade's flipflops. That kinda rhymed. Love the background of these pictures, the horizon the separates the sky and sea. :D

Points at her white Flipflops! :D

love love love my vintage sunnies too!
The following photos might cause some form of unneccessary nightmares, or it might turn you on.. lol :) ahah, depending on your flavourrr.. lol. Craig David's - What's your flavour? :) hah. Me and the girls were attempting to have some babe beachy shots taken, some were the ultimate pros, and others.. no. It was an awesome attempt though, made me laugh :) hah.

Slanted Sunnies with my tounge sticking out. Babe Shot. LOL.

Babe Shot lying on the beach. No. :)

Sarah's babe Shot :)

Jade's Babe Shot :)

Huzzah back to town we gooooo!


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