Saturday, January 9, 2010

Settling In

Farewell Melbourne!
awaiting for a new chapter of my journey...
My "home" for the next two weeks!
Yes everyone, I just came back from a filling filling dinner. Just when I thought this could most possibly be my last and only chance of losing weight. With no parent, and no money, no wide variety of food. My housemates from Accomodation of Univeristy of Tasmania happily offered inexpensive yet super delicious meals for dinner! Delicious... for only Aud5, I've helped out with serving and cleaning up ofcourse. ~Noone does it better than the Chinese Teenager
So today's daily update is purely about settling in. I've settled in quite well infact.
& I'll keep you posted tomorrow. love love


PC said...

I hope Tasmania's doing you well :)

Remember to buy things if they're super cheap yes yes? :)

I like your room
it looks pretty cool

miss youuu

Sherry said...

:) yes yes I will
I spent 4.50 on a mmilkshake today :O:O :)
ahah yeh the room wasn't as bad as expected :)