Sunday, January 10, 2010

Launnie Trip

sink in my room, highly convenient (:
Bus Stop seats fascinates me.
University of Tasmania Architectural Building
Queen Victoria Museum

Art Rage 2009

Random photo of ME (:

Art Starter's Gallery
Here's a daily update on my three weeks trip everyone! Yep yep, travelled around Mowbray, Inveresk, York Park and Invermay. No idea where they are specificly... it simply says here on the map (: It's a rather quiet town if I do say so myself, though I've yet to travel to the city... exploring the area has been thoroughly enjoyable, & challenging. With a majority of the shops closed on Sundays, I've simply noted down some "must-visit" areas around town.. Which will certainly be explored tomorrow! Life alone, hmm... heaps of students here are between the age group of late twenties to their early fourties.. As the Bachelor of Education Summer School Course is currently being held within these couple of weeks. People whom I've come across, are... oldies :x I've walked for a total of 1hour to York Park, while taking some random random shots along the way.. Will do some Op Shopping tomorrow, and probably more visits to other random places ;) Keep you posted.



PC said...

wow the uni looks like such a solitude place really :O
but that's good :D

wow the art looks awesome
I wanna seee
woot woot

you're having fun with a sink :)

Sherry Ng said...

I so am :)PC I've just updated a post purely on Art too :) Check it out :)